The world in which business leaders are operating has become infinitely more complex, changing and uncertain. As a direct consequence, stakeholders build their assessment as much on their perception as on the reality of facts.

In such a complex context, a structured and focused form of communication around the company and its leaders becomes always more decisive.

The role of a business communication firm is to step in when the perception of the company, its leaders or its major projectscould become an issue for its economic value.

The transformations engaged by business leaders does not simply impact short-term competitiveness anymore, but also contributes to long-term sustainability:

  •  Business model and operations sustainability (so-called organizational sustainability),

  •  External and environmental factors that could impact the business (so-called reputational sustainability),

  • Role of the business and its recognition as a member of its community  (so-called sustainability of the mission).

The nature of the manager’s actions, as well as his/her internal and external perception, becomes thus essential to assess the companies’  results. Business communication contributes to structure the manager’s action so that it is best perceived by the company’s stakeholders.

Complementing the role of investment bankers or corporate lawyers in corporate finance transactions, business communication highlights the strengths and intangible assets of the company, the key to valuation and attractiveness in acquisitions, mergers, exits, fundraising A/B/C/D, LBOs, joint ventures or corporate actions.

Within this framework, the interventions of Mascaret teams are based on 3 fundamentals:

The analysis of the perception of the company or its leaders based on business intelligence from open sources,  public opinion (social networks) and  big data;

The analysis of intangible assets (such as personal assets, companies IFRS assets , goodwill assets) to set up an image of leadership, support the valuation of the company and build a lasting perception of itsactions of its leaders;

The ability to execute an action plan led by seniorPartners, with the relevant level needed to interact with all kind of stakeholders.

To help our clients, we rely on a set of tools and techniques from the fields of strategy, marketing, change management, M&A, influence and public relations that are managed in-house throughout our network, in France and abroad.

Mascaret’s governance is built on a “partnership” model which operationally involves partner-entrepreneurs on a daily basis. This model is the only one that guarantees a long-term commitment with our partners alongside our clients.