Value proposition

Mascaret’s teams have developed a set of expertise in several fields of action that have become key for any company or individual wishing to optimize their perception. Our offer is  organized around several strategic areas:

Support  financial and non-financial assets valuation

The non-financial assets of a company iskey to the company’s financial valuation of the company.   Public debate has become a watchdog of a virtuous behavior of companies and brands, it also impacts the appreciation of the company’s economic value . Intangible assets (IFRS assets, sustainability assets, …) account for  more than 50% of the value of the Paris trading place “CAC”[1] companies, and up to 95% of start-ups, which urges companies to cultivate   their value and manage their perception beyond the communication of annual results, reports and meetings.

In a world where technology implementation is often associated with growth, non-financial assets (talent, organization, reputation, brand, patent, algorithm, …) of the company are evidence supporting the value of the company in key moments of its life such as M&A,raising, shift in of strategy.

In this context, a specific form of communication around the company and its manager is decisive to enhance the financial potential of the company . Creating a narrative, an « equity story » that is anchored in the reality of the current challenges of the society such as transitionsuncertainty, etc. is even more vital to create economic value in the phases of M&A or change of strategy, or even to cushion valuation shocks in the event of a crisis.

Managing stakeholders’ perception when implementing a business transformation program.


  • Business transformation programs mostly aim at developing efficiency and productivity within an organization by implementing the latest technological innovations. Some of them focus on deployment of new lines of products and/or services that are of strategic importance for the organization.
  • The myriad of stakeholders, including employees, NGOs, civil society, key opinion leaders and trade partners, have a major impact on the reputation of the program and its final success.
  • Organizations are increasingly aware of the risks and misperception that a poor communication can lead to when implementing a business transformation program: obstruction, boomerang effect, or even a reputational crisis may be the end result.

Mascaret is proposing an horizontal approach to fine tune the program perception and the communication strategy. A method that involves all stakeholders in the transformational process and develops its attractiveness, instead of an old-fashioned and tension-soaked vertical model.

  • Since the analysis of the stakeholders’ perception is the most crucial phase to define the right communication strategy when implementing business transformations , it must avoid all kind of bias. Our methodology consists in gathering stakeholders’ – starting with the employees  – freely expressed andunsolicited feelings across social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Glassdoor, etc.).
  • Our business intelligence unit, composed of data analysts and sectorial experts in transformation management, has developed tools to isolate and model stakeholders’ unsolicited perceptions. We complete these data with internal and external surveys that are later integrated with specific status due to the bias they may carry.
  • This 360° approach guarantees the highest comprehension and identification of  stakeholders’ feelings as well as their relative importance across all spheres of influence. This work is summarized through a mapping of all stakeholders, in line with GDPR regulations.
  • Based on this mapping, Mascaret will build a  comprehensive narrative aboutthe business transformation plan of the company. This story will bring substance and meaning to the  plan in every dimension: political, individual and corporate, to address stakeholders’ interrogations and nurture their engagement in the business transformations to come. Thematic and audience-specific communication operations are then designed and implemented as part of a global communication strategy dedicated to a successful achievement of business transformations.

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Supporting bid teams during tender processes

High value tender processes are a very special time for organizations. They are both of a highest strategic importance first for the long run as they may lead to a major, sustainable and impacting revenue streams for the company; and also are very challenging on the short term, as bid duration is short. During this short period of time, organizations face fundamental questions: is the end-game worth the financial and human investments it requires? Is my business actually at reach ? Who are the main competitors? With whom should we partner to increase our chances of success? Who are the key decision-makers? What kind of public data can tell us about their business focus / center of interests / past decisions?  Who has the final say? What is the winning price? 

Mascaret can assist your company to address these vital questions in this fast paced, highly critical sequence.

Our associates as well as our sectorial and regional experts are trained to swiftly engage on all issues at stake and blend in with your teams – whether from the Sales, Finance, Legal or Operations departments-  to make the tender process a success.

We are immediately operational in France, in the Middle East, the Gulf region, North America and throughout Central/North Asia.

Our expertise:

  • Qualify the competition, their strengths and weaknesses,
  • Identify key decision-makers; qualify their profile, business focus, opinions, past decisions and actions (using our customized tools to track and analyze data on social media, setting up focused surveys, etc.),
  • Identify and select the best partners,
  • Identify the right/best price (the winning price),
  • Engage any action that can support your proposal, strengthen its perception and maximize your chances of winning.

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