Benjamin Grange


Benjamin Grange is founder and Senior Partner of Mascaret (new name of Dentsu Consulting) and former Managing Director of the Dentsu group in the area covering France, Belgium, the Middle East, Israel, Turkey and North Africa for 9 years. He has been advising managers for more than 20 years on sensitive communication associated with major strategic shifts, technological breakthroughs and corporate finance transactions. He combines the experience of a business leader with consulting expertise in operational strategy and communication.

He acquired his experience over the course of 14 years spent in management consulting within the firms resulting from Bossard and Gemini Consulting. He will become a Partner there for 6 years and will support major transformations in the telecoms, media, industry, banking and insurance sectors. Subsequently, he will complete his experience with 12 years in the general management of communication groups (Omnicom DDB, Dentsu) where he will manage several dozen acquisitions in Europe which will bring him experience in the valuation of intangible assets.

Since 2001, he has been a pioneer in the analysis of the impact of digital technology on business and society by co-authoring successively the works “Web Performance”, “The EBG Guide to Electronic Commerce” then “Successful presentation ( investors)”, which is intended in particular for start-ups. In 2014, he contributed to the working group on the competitiveness of the French audiovisual sector, and in 2017 to one on tourism in the era of the collaborative economy for the Institut Montaigne. In November 2015, he released his 4th book dedicated to the challenges of digital transformation, where he enlightens managers on the method to accelerate current changes and how to make them visible outside the company. In October 2020, he published a collective work “Sustainability of companies: the seizure of power by intangible assets”, detailing Dentsu Consulting’s analysis of start-up valuation methods in the post-covid context.

Benjamin has widely distinguished himself in the service of the digital boom. From 2014 to 2019, he was Senior Advisor of the M Capital Fund. He administers the ThinkTank #Culture_Nu Numérique. In 2017, he joined the board of directors of ACSEL and became an “agenda contributor” at the World Economic Forum. In 2018, he co-founded Crypto Asset France, of which he became spokesperson. In 2019, he joined the board of directors of LaVillaNuméris and Synopia. In 2020, he participated in the work between France and Canada on the fight against FakeNews. Benjamin works as a teacher at ESCP Europe. He is a columnist on LCI, BFM TV, Forbes, Public-Senat, LCP and Les Echos on themes related to the perception of economic, societal or political subjects.

Benjamin Grange is a Computer Engineer from PolyTech Grenoble (M2), former student of ESCP Europe (M2), graduate of IMD and Auditor of the 74th National Session of IHEDN major Economic Security. In addition, he completed the M&A advanced training program at Bocconi University.