Estelle Monraisse


Estelle Monraisse - Mascaret Partners - Alter'com Altercom

Estelle Monraisse is a Senior Partner at Mascaret Partners and she is heading Alter’Com, their Public Relations (PR) subsidiary. Estelle is recognized in the press industry for her strong expertise in media relations since the creation of Alter’Com in 1993. Over the past 30 years, she is considered as a reference by her peers, working with top companies in the fields of e-commerce, food-tech, health-wellness-biotech, fintech, tourism, renewable energies… In 2024, Estelle decided to merge Alter’Com with Mascaret Partners to create and enhance synergies between her media relations activities and Mascaret‘s corporate affairs engineering offers, while maintaining a tailor-made process and a personalized approach towards her clients.  

Since 1990, Estelle Monraisse is also Managing Director of the Club McLuhan – named after the founder of the media ecology concept – a major think-tank and communication circle created in 1980.