Stéphanie Laurent


Photo of Stéphanie Laurent.

Stéphanie Laurent is a Senior Partner of Mascaret (new name of Dentsu Consulting).

A graduate of Celsa after a master’s degree in Foreign Languages ​​applied to commerce and business, Stéphanie has been advising managers for more than 25 years in the management of their reputation when it has an effect on economic activity. Experienced in corporate communication and opinion analysis, she began her career in 1998 with the DDB – Omnicom group managing press relations, public relations and crisis communication for 10 years. In particular, she supervised sensitive subjects such as vaccination against the flu or the first campaigns in favor of bone marrow donation. In 2001, she led the announcement of the arrival of the online auction giant, eBay, in France. In 2008, Stéphanie joined the teams of the international PR network: Golin, at Mullen Lowe Group. She managed f the communication of the FDOC (Florida Department of Citrus) in France or 5 years and  accompanied the media relations service of the Ademe(Environmental and Energy Management Agency) at the end of the Grenelle Environment Forum. In 2015, Stéphanie joined the opinion  agency “Human to Human” where she led the monitoring and analysis of the opinion for clients such as E.Leclerc, RATP, or Fnac.

Stéphanie Laurent joined Denstu Consulting in 2018 and became a partner of Mascaret in January 2021. She supports companies and their managers in key moments: fundraising, opening of new markets, change of governance, restructuring, merger/acquisition…