Attal backs down, Bardella at the pinnacle, Glucksmann emerges!

Élections européennes : Bardella, Glucksmann, Beaune

February 2024: Attal backs down, Bardella at the pinnacle, Glucksmann emerges!

Every month, Mascaret (formerly Dentsu Consulting) publishes a political barometer in collaboration with ODOXA and Public Sénat, to take the temperature of #opinionpublique. Discover below an extract from the Expert’s Eye section by Benjamin GRANGE, CEO of Mascaret, and Yves CENSI, Senior Partner.

Among the leaders surveyed for the European elections, Jordan Bardella clearly dominates social networks, with 300,000 mentions and 2 million engagements, putting him in first place and demonstrating his high visibility and active online presence. In second place, Raphaël GLUCKSMANN shows a notable dynamic despite lower visibility than Bardella. As for Clément BEAUNE, despite being the least mentioned, he enjoys higher positive sentiment among the public, with 18% positive reactions, suggesting a stronger consensus potential despite his discreet presence on digital platforms.

Despite the activity on social networks of political leaders, the #euelections2024 in France generate little overall enthusiasm. Fluctuations in mentions and engagements potentially reflect a lack of general interest or media #saturation, posing challenges for voter mobilization.

Over the past month, political parties at both ends of the spectrum have been more active, reacting to farmers’ protests and positioning themselves on major issues such as the commemoration of the victims of October 7 and the Pantheonization of the Resistance fighters. This dynamic was marked by an intensification of interactions on #résréseauxsociaux, with a notable increase in the visibility of key figures such as François Ruffin on the left and Marine Le Pen on the right.

Gabriel Attal’s government was confronted with a series of controversial events, resulting in significant media coverage. Revelations about the wealth of certain members of the government, protests by farmers and mistakes made by ministers such as Dominique Faure were major points of attention in the media and on social networks. However, the attention paid to these #controversies tends to diminish rapidly after their initial revelation, although they do help to keep the government in the media spotlight.

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