Ecorama : Benjamin Grange presents our analysis to Christophe Périllat from Valeo

Benjamin Grange face à Christophe Périllat de Valeo dans l'émission Ecorama de David Jacquot sur Boursorama

Our CEO Benjamin GRANGE was invited this Friday on Boursorama to present to Christophe Périllat our analysis on Valeo’s online reputation. The result? A very positive #perception for the company, around the triptych innovation, French pride and social dialogue! 🚗

In this new insert of Ecorama – La Grande Interview, David Jacquot offers the floor to our #analysts to present his guests with a quick overview of their perception in online media and on #social networks.

This week, it was Mr. Christophe Périllat, Valeo’s CEO, who could react to this overview of the image that Internet users have of the company. The results are positive for the French automotive supplier, as their values of #innovation and #development are at the top of the list in the minds of the French! The company’s stance in favor of #MadeInFrance was also widely praised, while social dialogue also emerged as one of the key issues related to the brand’s image.

Join us soon in a future Ecorama program for a new overview of a major French company!