Mascaret and Soffer Avocats create a new offer

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Mascaret and Soffer Avocats combine their expertise to respond to the new realities of complex international litigation.

Mascaret, a leader in business communications, and Soffer Avocats, the business litigation firm founded by Ron Soffer in 1994, have created a specific offering to meet the new realities of complex international litigation.

While international cases and disputes are becoming increasingly frequent, they have changed both in nature and intensity. With the principle of extraterritoriality now an element of economic power, disputes today are more legally complex and more violent in the media arena. Quasi-political in nature, the origin of disputes is sometimes difficult to identify and isolate, as they are part of a multi-polar geopolitical context, often involving different legal systems. Influenced by public opinion, which has set itself up as a watchdog for virtuous corporate behavior, international disputes have become an occasion for public debate and a means of communication for certain stakeholders, who play a decisive role in the decision-making process. The timing of such disputes means that their perception must be anticipated, and their management requires anticipation and specific expertise well in advance of any legal proceedings.

This offer, unique on the market, provides international companies and institutions with coordinated management of legal, communication and judicial issues, enabling them to control the negative impact on business continuity and attractiveness.

From preventive to curative, this offer is able to:

  • Provide companies with a diagnosis of public opinion and an upstream legal opinion, even if they already have initial advice, on an issue that could arise or that has already taken on a legal tinge, with unavoidable consequences in terms of image and reputation;
  • Participate in a global strategy, because today’s challenges require a media response, on social networks, as well as relevant pre-litigation and litigation follow-up, in France and abroad;
  • Anticipate potential difficulties that may arise from so-called weak signals, by implementing counter-measures;
  • Reduce reputational risk and any form of erosion of corporate value by combating the spread of damaging perceptions;
  • Multiply responses to the growing complexity of business and societal imperatives, particularly in the field of compliance;
  • Be an asset in reassuring managers and economic players, to guarantee greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The involvement of Mascaret and Soffer Avocats will be based on freely negotiated fee agreements. An initial summary opinion, free of charge, may give rise to a choice of advisors. Soffer Avocats may offer services in batches and according to hourly rates.