Yannick Morez affair: the French are in favour of tougher penalties for violence against elected representatives

Mascaret and ODOXA bring you a Political Barometer to take the temperature of opinion. This month: a return to normal for the executive and security for elected representatives following the Yannick Morez affair.

One month after the pension crisis and the fall in the executive’s popularity, the latter is normalizing and stabilizing. Indeed, there has been a general decline in mentions of political figures. This trend, which also affects all opponents, reflects the French public’s disinterest in political affairs. It is also the result of the refusal of the President of the Republic and the Government to back down on the reform; the political debate thus seems frozen.

The other key issue of the month was the security of elected representatives in France, a subject that exploded after the resignation of Yannick Morez. However, this media whirlwind quickly died down like a news item: while elected representatives were unanimous on the subject, social networks were not. However, 8 out of 10 people were in favor of increasing penalties for violence committed against elected representatives.

Find below the full barometer and analyses by Benjamin Grange and Yves Censi.

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Lack of moderation (72%), data protection and privacy (81%), even dangers to democracy (57%)… the image of digital platforms is very negative!

Once a month, Mascaret (formerly Dentsu Consulting) and its partner ODOXA bring you a Innovation Barometer to explore the general public’s relationship with developments in this world. This month: GAFAM, a perception in trouble!

We share with you the “Expert’s Eye” section, in which Benjamin GRANGE details our analyses of social networks:

Ban TikTok or block Twitter? Privacy at what price?

The debate is regularly reignited by occasional controversies, but the fact is that the idea is generating more and more results on the networks. Whether it’s TikTok (see graph) or Twitter, the recurring sentiment is a lack of trust. This is especially true of younger users: these platforms are open to all influences, with few means of moderation, and sulphurous reputations. It’s a fact that the majority of those expressing their views on a potential ban on TikTok are over 30, far from the app’s core target audience!

The RPGD, frustrating but appreciated.

While pop-ups asking users to accept or refuse cookies frustrate everyone, the fact is that the General Data Protection Regulation is still appreciated by the majority of Internet users. Faced with fears about the web giants’ respect for privacy, the GDPR succeeds in embodying a form of defense that gives a sense of regaining a little control. While it may not be their number one priority, privacy remains an important concern for the French.”

Find the full survey below or on the Odoxa website.

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Release of Eco Keys n°4 for EcoDDS: Will we eat better tomorrow?

Eco Keys n°4 is here! Eco Keys is a biannual magazine that explores the links between sustainability, environment and economy, and that Mascaret (formerly Dentsu Consulting) elaborates hand in hand with the eco-organization of chemical waste treatment EcoDDS.

To be found in this issue:
🍽 A feature on the food of the future “What will we eat tomorrow?”
💬 An interview with Thierry Fournier about the sustainable construction challenge that Saint-Gobain is taking up
🎨 A report on a unique process for recycling paint pots

Find an extract of the magazine here.

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Mascaret joins the international network IPRN

We are proud to announce that Mascaret (anciennement Dentsu Consulting) has joined the International Public Relations Network (IPRN) ! 🌍

To deliver our value proposition, we build on existing #marketing and #communication capabilities such as PR, event, #socialmedia #influence, network meeting, #sociallistening… to fine tune company’s perception.

IPRN is an international network of independently owned and managed communications and #publicrelations agencies with more than 50 members in +100 top cities and more than 40 countries around the world. The full list is available on our website or on the IPRN’s.

In addition to our Parisian and Dubai offices, this partnership will allow us to strenghten our capacity to project our #business #consulting offer globally !

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Mascaret is recruiting!

You have experience in business and management consulting and you are looking for a dynamic company that focuses on well-being, QWL and training of its employees? Mascaret is recruiting !

We are looking for a dynamic and conscientious senior consultant who will be able to understand and appreciate the wide variety of our clients. He/she will be able to advise our clients on their #influence and #reputation strategy as well as accompany them in building relationships with institutional partners, the business ecosystem, journalists and influencers. We are recruiting someone with a minimum of 3 years of experience in the required field and no obligation to reside in the Paris area.

Our firm, Mascaret (formerly Dentsu Consulting) is a leader in business communication (influence, public affairs, strategic communication, valuation of #intangible assets). Our clients are business leaders (ETI, SME, start-ups), unions, associations active in the fields of #deeptech, cyberdefense, #ecommerce, #health, #NewSpace, cinema and in the public and political sector, in France and EMEA.

If your profile and ours seem to match, do not hesitate to apply via APEC at the following address


See you soon!

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Pension reform: in the face of the latest events, the popularity of the president and his government is plummeting. 🗣️🔊📉

Now 70% of French people think he is a “bad president”. And he is not the only one to suffer from this reform in the #opinion: with 28% of positive judgments, his first Minister reaches one of the lowest levels of popularity ever recorded for this function in the last 10 years.

“On a subject that affects the French social model, which is based on social dialogue, the concentration of the decision is perceived as ‘alone against all'”, analyzes Benjamin GRANGE. “The volume of conversations about him exceeds all records! In doing so, the President finds himself designated from all sides as the chief responsible for the manner, highly criticized on the #social networks, in which the reform was passed.”

Yves CENSI, former Member of Parliament and Senior Partner of Mascaret (formerly Dentsu Consulting), confirms: “The impression is that the democratic ‘rules of the game’ have not been respected on both sides of the political arena. We are heading towards a worrying shift in social #mobilization. Even if the volume of conversations on the subject of pensions seems to be decreasing in trend, the #radicality of the comments made against the President and the reform rather points towards a rise in #tension. The feeling of injustice and lack of listening feeding the emotion, fueling a passage to #militant act.”

Find the exclusive ODOXA-Mascaret poll below.

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Opposition to the reform is confirmed but benefits no one

Supporters of the pension reform are losing with public opinion, but opponents are unable to capitalize on this popular opposition.

Once a month, Mascaret (formerly Dentsu Consulting) and its partner ODOXA offer you a Political Barometer to take the temperature of public opinion. This month, the opposition to the reform is confirmed but does not benefit anyone. Watch the exclusive Eye of the Expert by Benjamin Grange and Yves Censi :

Emmanuel Macron impassive and silent in the face of social discontent: an unpopular and costly strategy for him and the Government

The strategy of the President of the Republic is confirmed: faced with the opposition to the pension reform, he is playing the fait accompli. Although he remains a strong symbol, he speaks very little on the subject. The mentions and commitments around his personality are in sharp decline (-20% and -15% respectively) and if his peaks of media coverage are around this controversial project, it is without intervention from him. In order to be in line with the president, Elisabeth Borne and her government are paying the price. Her statements are very badly received: when she says that the postponement of the retirement age “is no longer negotiable”, she reaches a record 80% of negative sentiment! The same is true for Olivier Dussopt, Olivier Véran or Bruno Le Maire, who are not spared by the opinion and whose strong presence in the media this month is costing them dearly. Except for one event that has been much talked about and that has seduced the public: the awarding of the Legion of Honor to Volodymyr Zelensky at the Élysée Palace on February 9. With 120,000 mentions and almost a million engagements (likes, shares, comments, etc.), the moment caused a strong reaction on social networks.

Facing the Government, the rise of a grassroots protest to the reform is growing…

Political activity is picking up in force: +47% of mentions on average over the month and +135% of commitments! That is to say that the political staff expresses itself more, that the media takes over more political information, but above all that the Internet users seize much more the debates, the pension reform being obviously the main subject of these conversations.

… But the hope of recovering the fruits of the anti-reform mobilization is fading from all political formations

Whether it is the government or the opposition, no one is gathering popular support. The political opponents are struggling to mobilize: Marine Le Pen stood back to dodge Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to the Élysée Palace (see graphs), while Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who would certainly have liked to embody the opposition to the reform, saw his main peak of mentions – and by far, 77,000 mentions – concern… an eventful interview on BFM TV. Faced with the journalist Maxime Switek, he even ends up leaving the set.

LR: Eric Ciotti much more criticized for his support for Emmanuel Macron than approved for the ideological consistency claimed by the party

For their part, the Republicans are caught in the divide that saw Aurelien Pradié be ousted from his position as number 2 of the party because of his criticism of this same reform. A decision of Eric Ciotti that the opinion has not really approved.

Find the full barometer below or on the Odoxa website!

Photo credit: Grenoble demonstration (pension reform) of February 07, 2023 by Jean-Paul Corlin, Creative Commons.

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10th edition of the barometer of French confidence in the digital world of the ACSEL

We were present today at Bercy for the presentation of the annual barometer of the ACSEL on the confidence of the French in the digital economy!

A big thank you to ACSEL – L’association de l’économie numérique and its president Laurent Nizri for this invitation to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty. We were able to attend the presentation of the 10th “Barometer of French confidence in digital”. Thanks also to Jean-Noël Barrot and all the speakers of the round table for their presence and their insights on the current situation of #digital companies within a shaken ecosystem. The summary of the barometer is available in its entirety on the ACSEL website.

#companies #consulting #digitaltransformation #sovereigndigital #ecommerce #licorne #cyber #ia

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The executive branch is falling apart on the pension reform, but so are the opponents!

Once a month, Mascaret (formerly Dentsu Consulting) and its partner ODOXA offer you a Political Barometer to take the temperature of public opinion. This month: all the protagonists of the social conflict around the pension reform are losing points in the opinion, the government would be held responsible in case of aggravation.

We share with you the “Expert’s Eye” section, in which Benjamin GRANGE and Yves Censi share their analysis of social networks:

Emmanuel Macron in Barcelona during the demonstrations against the pension reform: the art of being absent to better make people talk about him?

Emmanuel Macron, whose increased media activity was already observed in the last barometer of 2022, confirms the end of his retirement: +10% again this month, for a total that almost reaches again the 3 million mentions. The most striking element was undoubtedly his trip to Barcelona, the same day of the demonstration against the pension reform: more than 250,000 mentions and ten times the commitments. On their side, the members of the government who were until then at the front fade away: -15% for Elisabeth Borne, -30% for Olivier Véran and -40% for Gérald Darmanin! It is the turn of Oliver Dussopt, Minister of Labour, to take the lead: +200% of mentions, +300% of commitments.

Le Pen and Mélenchon neck and neck to be first opponent

Opposite them, the leaders of the Rassemblement National and La France Insoumise respond to this return of the President of the Republic: the first on regal and international issues, the second on social issues and pension reform. Jean-Luc Mélenchon retains a greater echo on social networks (400,000 mentions v. 200,000 for Marine Le Pen) but also encounters difficulties: his big announcement (he will not run for president in 2027) has gathered “only” 25,000 mentions – an honorable score but below the expected shock.

In the third place, the scandals are also making their way onto the networks: a sign of an intensification of political battles?

The political staff that follows them has also experienced a difficult month, many seeing spikes in media coverage, but for the wrong reasons: Canard Enchaîné article targeting Brune Le Maire, Mediapart revelations on Éric Ciotti, Libération accusations regarding Jordan Bardella’s income tax returns, but also Adrien Quatennens, François Bayrou and a few others… Alignment of the stars? Sign of an intensification of political fights? In any case, this type of content is extremely popular on social networks – Twitter in the lead – where the emotional and outrageous reaction is a hit.

Find the full survey below or on the Odoxa website.

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