Mascaret at the European Business Summit

European Business Summit (EBS)

🇪🇺 Mascaret was present at the European Business Summit 🇪🇺

We had the privilege of taking part in the European Business Summit on Wednesday November 29. This key event on the European scene brought together eminent personalities from the European Commission, European governments and leading companies such as Amazon and Google.

This year’s central theme was: The 2024-2029 EU Agenda: Strong Business for a Stronger Europe. We took part in a series of exciting conferences exploring Europe’s digital future, the topics of artificial intelligence and the circular economy, as well as the regulatory challenges of the digital world. At the heart of this edition, a key issue emerged: How can we make digital a vector of growth, resilience and sustainability for Europe?

This event has not only strengthened our commitment to actively contribute to Europe’s resilience and prosperity, but also provided us with new perspectives to help our customers succeed in these ever-changing sectors.

This summit, which brings together the worlds of business and politics, enables us to consolidate our presence and relationships on the European stage, so that we can better support our customers in their projects!