Mascaret – Synopia – Minerve conference at the École Militaire

Conférence Synopia Mascaret

On Thursday September 28, Yves Censi, Senior Partner of Mascaret (formerly Dentsu Consulting) attended the conference “How to restore trust in Democracy” organized by Synopia, the Governance Laboratory, in partnership with Association des Etudiants MINERVE (AEM). A rich discussion in the presence of Jacky Isabello, business leader and communications expert, Didier Le Bret, diplomat and author, Jean Claude Mailly, former General Secretary of Force Ouvrière, and Joséphine Staron, Director of Studies and International Relations for Synopia.

Faced with a growing loss of confidence in democracy on the part of the French people, it is becoming imperative to rethink the way we do and live democracy. It is essential to reflect on the mobilization of all the players who contribute to the smooth running of democracy, as well as on the integration of the long term into a democratic process which, by its very nature, is constantly evolving. In this context, communication and the perception of actors and events are increasingly shaping reality.

The points of view of the four speakers led to an overview and solutions around three main themes:

➡️ How to make popular consultation and information gathering useful;
➡️ How can social partners, especially employee unions, develop their capacity to express socio-economic needs in decision-making processes?
➡️ How can majorities and minorities express themselves in a media ecosystem that is changing attitudes and behavior on a daily basis?