Pension reform: in the face of the latest events, the popularity of the president and his government is plummeting. 🗣️🔊📉

Now 70% of French people think he is a “bad president”. And he is not the only one to suffer from this reform in the #opinion: with 28% of positive judgments, his first Minister reaches one of the lowest levels of popularity ever recorded for this function in the last 10 years.

“On a subject that affects the French social model, which is based on social dialogue, the concentration of the decision is perceived as ‘alone against all'”, analyzes Benjamin GRANGE. “The volume of conversations about him exceeds all records! In doing so, the President finds himself designated from all sides as the chief responsible for the manner, highly criticized on the #social networks, in which the reform was passed.”

Yves CENSI, former Member of Parliament and Senior Partner of Mascaret (formerly Dentsu Consulting), confirms: “The impression is that the democratic ‘rules of the game’ have not been respected on both sides of the political arena. We are heading towards a worrying shift in social #mobilization. Even if the volume of conversations on the subject of pensions seems to be decreasing in trend, the #radicality of the comments made against the President and the reform rather points towards a rise in #tension. The feeling of injustice and lack of listening feeding the emotion, fueling a passage to #militant act.”

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