Top influencers science

Challenges revealed the details of its “Influencers” report written in collaboration with Mascaret! This week, science is in the spotlight 🔭🧬

We are very proud to be able to share this top 10 with you. Non-exhaustive, it pushes forward great scientific figures, but above all, to popularizers! Of course, there are the all-important Thomas Pesquet and Jean-Marc Jancovici, as well as Fred Courant for L’Esprit Sorcier. We wanted to highlight the creators of new generation content.

Thus, it is the excellent Romain “Monté” Filstroff from Linguisticae, the unusual Patrick Baud from Axolot, Léo Grasset from Dirty Biology or even Marion “Professor Moustache” Montaigne who come to dot this ranking. All these science influencers have greatly contributed to the better dissemination of scientific knowledge!

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