10th edition of the barometer of French confidence in the digital world of the ACSEL

10ième "Baromètre de la confiance des Français dans le numérique ACSEL

We were present today at Bercy for the presentation of the annual barometer of the ACSEL on the confidence of the French in the digital economy!

A big thank you to ACSEL – L’association de l’économie numérique and its president Laurent Nizri for this invitation to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty. We were able to attend the presentation of the 10th “Barometer of French confidence in digital”. Thanks also to Jean-Noël Barrot and all the speakers of the round table for their presence and their insights on the current situation of #digital companies within a shaken ecosystem. The summary of the barometer is available in its entirety on the ACSEL website.

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