GAFAM et vie privée : une perception négative des Français.

Lack of moderation (72%), data protection and privacy (81%), even dangers to democracy (57%)… the image of digital platforms is very negative!

Once a month, Mascaret (formerly Dentsu Consulting) and its partner ODOXA bring you a Innovation Barometer to explore the general public’s relationship with developments in this world. This month: GAFAM, a perception in trouble!

We share with you the “Expert’s Eye” section, in which Benjamin GRANGE details our analyses of social networks:

Ban TikTok or block Twitter? Privacy at what price?

The debate is regularly reignited by occasional controversies, but the fact is that the idea is generating more and more results on the networks. Whether it’s TikTok (see graph) or Twitter, the recurring sentiment is a lack of trust. This is especially true of younger users: these platforms are open to all influences, with few means of moderation, and sulphurous reputations. It’s a fact that the majority of those expressing their views on a potential ban on TikTok are over 30, far from the app’s core target audience!

The RPGD, frustrating but appreciated.

While pop-ups asking users to accept or refuse cookies frustrate everyone, the fact is that the General Data Protection Regulation is still appreciated by the majority of Internet users. Faced with fears about the web giants’ respect for privacy, the GDPR succeeds in embodying a form of defense that gives a sense of regaining a little control. While it may not be their number one priority, privacy remains an important concern for the French.”

Find the full survey below or on the Odoxa website.