Are electric cars really attractive to the French?

Benjamin Grange sur BFM Tech & Co à propos de la voiture électrique

Following the publication of our October Innovation Barometer on electric cars, Benjamin GRANGE was on the BFMTV set to further analyze our results.

“When the French talk about electric cars, it’s not a subject like any other. It’s an emotional subject, eminently linked to freedom. Today, when you listen to them on social networks, it’s very clear: electric cars are great, but only when you’re urban or suburban. When you drive long distances, you’re not there at all. Terminals, autonomy, etc., the observation is clear.

The question that is currently being asked in connection with this dynamic, and which is linked to the economic situation, is: “what is the best way to buy? The French are talking about it a lot: gasoline – will we have it for very long – or electric cars – and their rising costs. And as with other mobility issues (electric cars, electric scooters, for example), the division is very deeply generational: the under-35s have much more positive perceptions of these issues and their themes (uses, ecology, investment) and this has a major influence on the positions taken and public policies.

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