Odoxa-Mascaret political barometer: succession and controversy

Baromètre Mascaret-ODOXA - Polémiques de l'été, abaya et succession

From the abaya to the Fête de l’Huma, controversy creates engagement in a context of succession to the President of the Republic. 🗣️🔊🎭

Mascaret (formerly Dentsu Consulting) publishes a monthly political barometer, in collaboration with ODOXA and Public Sénat, to take the temperature of public opinion. Discover below an excerpt from L’œil de l’expert by Benjamin GRANGE and Yves CENSI.

The mentions and commitments of almost all political figures – majority and opposition alike – have exploded compared to the summer: the new political season is official. However, some fared better than others. These include Gerald Darmanin, Édouard Philippe and Gabriel Attal, who have multiplied their appearances on the national stage. They were able to make their presence felt on subjects that provoke debate and confrontation on the social networks. The dizzying rise in attendance is symptomatic of a phenomenon of crystallization of opinion.

The climate is getting tense. The rule of thumb this month is that #polemics generate engagement. The presence of singer Médine, the PR whistled at the Rugby Cup, the crisis in Lampedusa… the end of summer and the beginning of autumn were punctuated by controversies, whose media forms are easily recognizable: after a few peaks in mentions they quickly disappear from the news. However, one topic dominated all the others: the ban on wearing the abaya in schools. With almost 1.5 million mentions and nearly 9 million reactions in just one month, the abaya generated more content and reactions than all the other debates put together!

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