Odoxa-Mascaret poll: the French no longer believe in COP28

Mascaret Odoxa Cop28 DubaI

🌍 Despite the growing importance of the environment to the French, 80% doubt that #COP28 in Dubai will succeed in achieving its goals. 🌍

Mascaret is proud to present the results of its survey, in partnership with ODOXA for Capital France, BFM Business and The Good. In this analysis, we take a look at how the French perceive COP28 and #ecologicaltransition.

COP28 opens this Thursday in Dubai, but for 8 out of 10 French people, it will not achieve its objectives. 70% think it comes too late and 68% are shocked by the choice of #Dubai for an environmental summit. What’s more, 58% of those polled even consider that this COP will not be beneficial for the image of the Gulf countries.

Bitterly, public confidence in the “COP” mechanism has declined, dropping 9 points since COP21 in Paris. In retrospect, 82% of French people feel that COP21 was a failure.

However, this growing #distrust is in line with the emergence of ecological concerns among the French: 9 out of 10 French people feel that protecting the #environment is an important concern. The debate between the end of the month and the end of the world seems to have partially subsided: 60% of those questioned believe that in times of crisis, environmental policies should be pursued, as they are not incompatible with growth and employment.

While the French have changed their habits – 87% say they are careful to limit their #environmentalimpact – more than two-thirds say they are dissatisfied with government action in this area, and say they don’t feel well-informed by the public authorities on the policies put in place for the ecological transition.

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