Social media sees rising energy crisis worries

Yves Censi du BFM pour Odoxa

Yves Censi, senior partner of Mascaret (formerly Dentsu Consulting), was present on the set of Tech & Co, the BFM program, to present the results of our innovation barometer in collaboration with ODOXA. Read the details of our analysis, this month on the subject of the perception of the energy crisis by the French:

The energy crisis has social networks on edge

With the end of summer and the drop in temperatures, the spectre of a winter without heating has taken hold of the networks. Over the last 13 months, we have seen half a million mentions and more than seven million engagements on the subject of the energy crisis. Rates that are nothing extraordinary. However, half of these volumes have been made since August 15!

It is therefore a real explosion of conversations and debates that we observe: an increase of 500% that betrays the concern of the French. Indeed, when we look at the details of these publications, we discover that the majority (50.6%) of these contents are negative. This is a particularly high rate that is only equaled by other moments of major crises: rising gas prices, political controversies…

French people feel little confidence

The debates are all the more heated as they affect Internet users very closely. As everyone is aware of the global causes of this situation, many are seeking to regain control of this state of affairs. Politicians normally play this role, but when they do speak out on the subject, they are not the most listened to or relayed. The few times that the public picks up on their messages, it is to criticize them. In particular, government announcements offering advice on how to reduce energy consumption: these are very badly received by Internet users, who feel guilty. The controversy surrounding private jets is proof of this: with a 300% increase in volumes since this summer, which are also largely negative, this is a symbolic expression of French people’s unease.”