The car of tomorrow: many talk about it, few have done it

odoxa voiture électrique

Once a month, Mascaret and its partner Odoxa offer you an innovation barometer to explore the relationship of the general public to the evolutions of this world. This month, the central theme is the car of tomorrow (electric car, hybrid, thermal, etc.). 🚗⚡

We share with you the “Expert’s Eye” column, in which Benjamin Grange details our analysis of social networks:

An explosion of mentions of the electric car in a context of energy crisis.

Over the last 13 months, there have been more than one million mentions and almost seven million engagements on the subject of the energy crisis. These are high rates, but they remain within the norm for societal topics. However, half of these volumes were made since last June! Indeed, when the topic of the energy crisis entered the public debate, the volumes exploded with a 300% increase, going from 15,000 weekly mentions to 45,000. Commitments are also very high compared to the rate of mentions: this ratio of 1 to 7 indicates a very strong public interest in the subject of the car of tomorrow. This means that when the subject is broached, it generates a lot of discussion and debate! Today, of the brands mentioned, Tesla is the one that is largely in the lead.

Urban users with very polarized opinions.

The car is an essential object in the daily life of the French and carries a strong symbolic capital. It is therefore not surprising that the debates unleash passions. More than 30% of the content is negative, which means that the discussions get very heated very quickly: both the pro and anti sides easily scorn and insult those on the “other side”. Moreover, let’s note that 65% of the participants are men under 34 years old: the same public that is most interested in both the car and ecology. Last major analysis element: of all the conversations, more than 90% of them are from the Paris region! This imbalance is much greater than the average: the subject of the car of tomorrow has not yet taken hold outside the French metropolises. It is therefore difficult to imagine the electric car as the ultimate solution to the crisis, as it is still reserved for a small proportion of users.

You will soon find the whole barometer here. In the meantime, you can consult it on the Odoxa website.