Yannick Morez affair: the French are in favour of tougher penalties for violence against elected representatives

Affaire Yannick Morez : les Français favorables au renforcement des sanctions pour violence contre les élus

Mascaret and ODOXA bring you a Political Barometer to take the temperature of opinion. This month: a return to normal for the executive and security for elected representatives following the Yannick Morez affair.

One month after the pension crisis and the fall in the executive’s popularity, the latter is normalizing and stabilizing. Indeed, there has been a general decline in mentions of political figures. This trend, which also affects all opponents, reflects the French public’s disinterest in political affairs. It is also the result of the refusal of the President of the Republic and the Government to back down on the reform; the political debate thus seems frozen.

The other key issue of the month was the security of elected representatives in France, a subject that exploded after the resignation of Yannick Morez. However, this media whirlwind quickly died down like a news item: while elected representatives were unanimous on the subject, social networks were not. However, 8 out of 10 people were in favor of increasing penalties for violence committed against elected representatives.

Find below the full barometer and analyses by Benjamin Grange and Yves Censi.